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Top 10 Packing Mistakes, avoid these packing mistakes on your next trip with these tips to make your travels smoother!
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Top Ten: Packing Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Trip

When packing there are many common mistakes made. Some mistakes bigger than others, costing you space in your suitcase or costing you money, compromising your plans or offending the locals of the place you are traveling to. So next time you plan a trip look back at these 10 no-no’s when it comes to packing!


1. Packing Pieces You Never Worn

If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing before the trip, what makes you think you’ll wear it on the trip? Make your purchases wisely and don’t blow your money on an item that you are only going to wear once (or never!)

 2. Packing Looks that Don’t Match

Try to ease up on the bright colors that will only get 1 use. It is best to pack at a 75% neutral/25% colors ratio to make color coordination easier. This helps you to create outfits last minute and know they will look good.

3. Not Considering Types of Fabric

The last thing you want to be stuck doing on your vacation is ironing, steaming, or dry-cleaning your clothes. If at all possible bring wrinkle free clothes to avoid this in general, but also make sure your fabric match the climate of your destination. If you’re going somewhere warm you should choose fabrics such as cotton, rayon, or silk. Going somewhere cold? Bring along your knits, wool, and cashmere.

4. Going Overboard with Accessories

 We love accessories as much as the next person, but unfortunately while traveling bringing or wearing too many accessories can run the risk of setting off alarms in the airport or other high-security areas. Not to mention that they way down your suitcase!

5. Not Checking the Weather 

A common mistake that travelers make is not checking the weather before they depart. For example, if the forecast calls for rain, don’t forget an umbrella/raincoat! This is one obvious way to save money and time when you arrive at your destination. Good thing there’s an app for this…


6. You Can’t Shake your Expensive Taste

It’s in your best interest to leave your most valuable pieces at home. Losing, misplacing, or damaging luggage happens all the time and you don’t want it to happen to you. Pack your most valuable items in your carry-on, such as your jewelry or electronics to make sure they are safe!

7. Not Switching to Travel-Sized

Make sure you get TSA-approved sized bottles to put your favorite products in. You don’t want to forget your foundation, moisturizer, hair products or worse- have them thrown out at security!

8. Not Packing According to the Local Culture

It’s always a good idea to read up on the culture of the place you are visiting. Some countries are more conservative when it comes fashion and no one wants to offend a culture due to lack of knowledge of what to wear!

9. Packing One to Many Shoes

When it comes to shoes, think practical. Packing too many is only going to weigh down your luggage and take up a ton of space! Bring the essentials: a comfortable pair for walking, a more dressed up pair, and your casual slip ons.

 10. Overlooking Basic Items

Be sure to pack many simple items that would go well with many different looks. Basic tees, cardigans, tanks, and scarves are always the way to go. This will also save so much space in your luggage and be less stressful when it comes to putting together outfits.


Now that you have been briefed on how not to pack, here are some outfits your should pack for your holiday travels: 3 Ultimate Travel Looks for the Holidays

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