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Travel style for your holiday travels. Three outfits perfect for travel, keeping you comfortable and chic!
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what to wear holiday travels

Your 3 Ultimate Travel Looks for the Holidays

‘Tis is the season’ of travel! With the holiday’s approaching your to-do list seems to be getting a little more crowded than usual! But all the planning is worth it once you make it to your destination where the people you love will be there to greet you with a hot chocolate- well we can dream right? As you look forward to spending time with the fam (hot chocolate or no hot chocolate), we are thinking about what you’ll to wear to get there. So we have checked one thing off your to-do list before your trip… your travel OOTD. TheVane has put together 3 ultimate traveling outfits made for comfort and style. We’ve all experienced travel nightmares: delays, broken down buses, missed flights, so take some control back from the travel gods and rock your look!


Leggings are an obvious must-have for long travel days. These black La Forma leggings give a little extra attitude compared to your usual basic black leggings. Add dimension to your look with an extra layer with this Anatomie quilted vest

what to wear thanksgiving travel anatomie

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Mesh is in. Rock this long sleeved mesh top from Anatomie that stretches to your comfort, helping you stay comfy and look good for the long haul. Let’s spice things up with a pop of color. We picked Lojel’s Groove Luggage in coral, not only is it super cute, but you’ll always be be able to spot it at baggage claim 😉)

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Just going for a quick weekend to see the folks? Throw things back with a backpack! You don’t need to be going “back to school” to enjoy the convenience of backpacks, and this Hobo Maddox Backpack is the perfect replacement for your usual carry on. (also it frees your hands for other travel coffee!)

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Going to a specific location? The rocky coast, cabin in the woods, road trip, or touring the city? TheVane curated looks for each getaway- check out the previous blog What to Wear: Fall Weekend Getaway.

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