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What to wear for Halloween, here are 10 easy DIY Halloween Costumes. Effortless and cute!
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Top Ten: DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s that spooktacular time of year when we carve pumpkins, go trick-or-treating (there is no age limit to that right?!), and get our costumes in order…last minute. For some it’s the most thrilling holiday and for others it’s the scariest. But who doesn’t like to dress up as whomever or whatever you’d like. Since Halloween is only 2 weeks away it’s time to gather all your pieces together to make your chilling look. We’ve done some work for you and planned 10 easy DIY costumes, some pieces you might already have! (but if you don’t, no worries all the pictures are linked 😉

1. Leopard

Time to practice that steady hand! This look is a makeup heavy, but so worth it! Watch TrinaDuhra’s leopard makeup tutorial for a how-to create an awesome leapord look using makeup you may already have. Then, finish up your look by wearing Modadorn’s Leopard Print Ruana, and it will keep you warm for the chilly night ahead!

DIY Leopard Look make up what to wearDIY Leopard Look what to wear


2. Twenties Flapper

This costume is as easy as pulling your LBD out of the closet. Next step: accessorize! Add a jeweled black headband and TADA!  This look is the “bees knees!” (get it?!) 

20s flapper costume what to wear diy halloween    20s flapper costume what to wear diy halloween


3. Fugitive

If you don’t have one, get yourself a striped black & white dress. One: not only is it a cute staple to have in your closet, but pair it with some handcuffs and you’ve just completed your Fugitive costume! (now that is easier than robbing a bank)

fugitive diy halloween costumefugitive diy halloween costume


4. Sandy from Grease

Some of the best costumes are inspired from favorite movies. Take a classic like Grease: the characters are recognizable and super easy to mimic. The leading lady, Sandy, is just a matter of bouncy curls and some cute faux leather pieces. (This look gives us chills, and they are multiplying) 



5. Devil

Tap into your evil side. All you need is that red dress you love, along with some horns, which can be found just about anywhere this time of year. Now you’re ready to raise hell 😉

 devil what to wear diy halloween costume


6. Sugar Skull

This one is a season favorite, the sugar skull. This costume gives you a lot of creative freedom. Use some makeup, glitter, & rhinestones to transform your face into a beautiful or scary sugar skull. Since this look’s focus is.. well your face, you don’t need an outlandish outfit. So a simple black jumpsuit and flower head band will bring it all together!

halloween diy sugar skullhalloween diy sugar skull


7. Angel

We couldn’t suggest a devil look without mentioning the opposite, an angel! This white dress from Karma for a Cure is covered in delicate detail, giving the look an angelic touch. Find a friend to dress with you, one of you can be the devil and the other an angel!

angel wings diy halloween what to wear karma what to wear diy halloween angel


8. Glittery Gold Cat

The cat costume, it’s a classic, and for good reason. Some people think dressing up as a cat for halloween is the easy way out… but what’s so wrong with that? If you’re running a bit behind on your halloween tasks this year we think a cat is a perfectly fine costume! I mean it is as simple as matching a face mask or kitten ears with a black dress, and done!

cat mask diy halloween leota little black dress cat mask diy halloween leota little black dress


9. Queen Cleopatra

Feeling like Royalty this year? Why not bring back Queen Cleopatra! Not only is she fun to dress up as, but is also strong female role model. Get yourself an earth-toned maxi dress, and a beaded snake headband & voila! You are ready to take over the world. 

what to wear diy greece goddess what to wear diy greece goddess


10. Butterfly

Come out of your cocoon this year. We went for an all black ensemble, a long sleeved top from Anatomie, and La Forma Leggings. The key piece are the wings! Really you could do any bug you wish: monarch wings, bumble bee wings, ladybug wings, the choice is yours, get creative!

halloween diy costume butterfly


Did this give you the chills? Let us know in the comments which is your favorite and tag us in your halloween posts @the_vane on Instagram!

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